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A professionally hosted

cardano stake pool

Built & Managed for delegators seeking

a serious pool with stable pricing

Ticker: KERNO

Block Producer

To ensure our stake pool is ready to create blocks every minute of every day, we’ve placed our Block Producer in a large datacenter in London where it has backup power facilities and access to multiple low latency links to the internet.

8 Global Relays

Our block producer is connected directly to 8 of our own relays, located in datacenters across the world. These relay nodes can each connect to up to 20 additional relay nodes in the wider network, which offers KernoPool minted blocks great access to the whole Cardano network.

24/7 Monitoring

Our Block Producer and Relays nodes are being monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With automated alerting and tasking, we are never in the dark about the status of our stake pool network.

Instant Scaling

As the Cardano Network grows, we can scale with it. All our nodes can be scaled in minutes to increase capacity and resources which ensures we are always ready and capable of minting blocks. If the conditions demand it we can  also bring additional nodes online rapidly to increase the size and capability of the KernoPool network.

Simple & Stable Fees

Running a high performance, well connected and reliable stake pool network that satisfies the requirements of long term delegators is not without costs. KernoPool, like all other pools on the Cardano network has a fixed fee charged per epoch and a margin fee.

Delegators can relax after staking with KernoPool as we promise that our margin fees will remain capped for a minimum of 12 months and keep the fixed fee as low as the Cardano Protocol allows.

KernoPool Fees:

Cost Per Epoch (ADA)


Current Margin


Margin Cap

Margin Discount Until:   October 2020

Margin Capped Until:   August 2021

Cap Last adjusted: August 2020

who are we?

Years pro Experience

Kernopool is built and maintained by a South-West UK based Tech professional with over a decade of experience building and managing on and off-premise IT infrastructure, networks and security in various roles for British private and public sector companies.

We believe in the potential that crypto-currencies can offer the world in the future and have been interested in and actively following the Cardano project whilst also holding the ADA currency since mid-2018.